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Saturday, July 3, 1999
Slam no longer play the Saturday at the Wool Exchange, and are looking for new gigs. The following review remains as a guide to what they might offer at upcoming gigs...

Slam now play only on a Saturday night at the Wool Exchange Hotel in Geelong. They have been there for quite a few months now and are still managing extremely goods crowds most weeks. I travel down from Melbourne every Saturday night to see them and you are ensured a good night.

The cover charge is $10 and the venue is a large two storey building with a disco on the ground level and band upstairs with a disco during set breaks. The guys still do a great variety set, with sing alongs and dance tunes as well as a good collection of old and new hits. As mentioned in Benís review (below) the singer is still wearing the leather pants. The singer and the lead guitarist also do an acoustic set before the band comes on. The ascoustic starts about 10.30pm and the band start about 12.45pm.

Kym Anderson
Slam is synonymous with Stylus. They used to be The band in The venue, before it all went wrong. Since that time they have hardly been sighted, which is surprising, because they were not that bad. They used to play a good mix of party tracks, sing-along classics, and a bit of current top 40 as well.

They did most of it pretty accurately, with a good singer, close sound, and rarely missing lines. The singer was especially good at involving the crowd, climbing up on podiums to sing with the audience. They also looked and dressed like a band, with the singer always wearing leather pants.

Their mix suited a very broad range of audiences. They could play something to mosh to, followed closely by something dancy, and then something to sing-along with. It became a little annoying at times, but whether you were 18 or 40, you could find something you liked.

Sure they had a big crowd supplied, but they managed to maintain it, and it was no coincidence that Stylus lost numbers when Slam left. It was their biggest gig.

They are the type of band you see, when you feel like a bit of everything. Whilst they are not the best band in town, they cover a broader range than most, and played only popular music.

Ben Clissold @