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Sat @ Dukes Saloon

Saturday, December 23, Ď00
Formed in 1996, Quarantine has gone through many incarnations: Quarantine, Hynge, Jidam and back to Quarantine. Group founder Dave when asked why did they change from Quarantine originally replied "I really loved the name and unfortunately the line ups that we had for Hynge and Jidam were not of the standard I wanted for the Quarantine Brand".

The now final line up has four of the best young musicians in Australia. Along with manager TK, the guys are ready to take on the Melbourne scene.

Realising that patrons go to see a live band to be entertained, the guys have put immense effort not only into their sound, but into their stage show which is truly at the forefront of the local scene.

New Lead Singer Muddy has added a whole new dimension to the band. With unparelled enthusiasm Muddy is the consummate front man, ensuring every person who sees them walks away impressed.

Dave who is really the backbone of the group has held it all together while ring ins have come and gone. When you hear Dave on the drums you can see why he is known as one of the better drummers in Victoria.

Slim or as his mother calls him Iain, is the heart of the band. Slim is a very accomplished bass player winning several competions in his youth.

Mark otherwise known as Rubix (from a strange party trick) is with out a doubt the jokester of the four. His charisma matched with his playing ability makes Mark one of the premier lead guitarists going around today.

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