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Disbanded refer to Random

Saturday, March 10, Ď01
Platinum play a great blend of '90s and new rock covers plus a mix of '80s retro tunes made popular by radio stations such as Triple M, JJJ and Fox FM. Each song is a certified hit and extremely popular with a wide range of punters.

Platinum launched in late 2000 after holding down residencies at venues such as The Geebung Polo Club, Sandringham Hotel, Armadale Hotel and Ricochet as 'Dogs Body'. With an awesome sounding, fun and energetic live show combined with some very animated members and song selection, Platinum provide a dynamic, explosive and refreshing performance.

Platinum are much more than "4 guys on stage playing instruments", combining both aural and visual highlights to their performances each show is a spectacular not to be missed.

Geoff Mison @