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No More Chili Jam


Monday, January 11, Ď99
We are sure the NMCJ are no longer, but here is the review for those that are interested...

No More Chili Jam have a fantastic name, and play the music to match it. They play the best of Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, and all the other bands of the grunge, alternative genre. They play a lot of really current songs, along with a few classics, and they do it all well.

Until I saw them recently, I thought they were pretty average, but these guys can now challenge Grunt for the title of the best grunge / alternative cover band in Melbourne. They share a similar sound, but NMCJ are probably superior on currentness, and crowd involvement. The singer is a bit of a clown, and quite an entertainer. Both bands are high on accuracy of lyrics and sound, and both get good moshes going.

Chili Jam are probably a little less conservative, and have a crowd pulling name, but lack a really big name night. I think that will come shortly, because they are suited to the right market. They suit 18-23 year olds, with a grunge attitude. However, their quality takes them to a level above bands like the Voodoo Surf Gods.

These guys are definitely a band to follow. If you want to look for a top cover band in the alternative grunge range, they are definitely worth a look.

Ben Clissold @