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Millenium Bug

Thur @ Governor Hotham, Fri @ Armadale

Saturday, August 7, Ď99
Millenium Bug have started to pick up a few big gigs in the last few months, so I thought I had better go and see what the fuss was about. I found a band similar to the Flaming Moes in more that one respect. You see, the Moes had a similar start to Millenium Bug, both being local bands given their big break by Jooce. The two also have a similar style, in that their success comes from their playlist, although the Moes are better with the crowd, and Millenium Bug are slightly more alternative.

Millenium Bug play a blend of reasonably current alternative, and classics. It is the classics from the likes of Pearl Jam that set these guys up. They include some of the most popular alternative tracks of all time, which means you know (& love?) every song. They tend to avoid the most recent releases (not that there are many right now), so the crowd know the songs.

They are a five piece band, who appear slightly older than many cover bands. They do not appear to be overly vibrant personalities, although the singer has his moments as he bounces around the stage. They share some similarities to Grunt in that respect and in their sound. That has a lot to do with the sound man, who used to be a part of Grunt. However, Grunt got a crowd reaction from the awesome accuracy of their music, whereas Millenium Bug get more interaction going through the singer.

Millenium Bug are fairly accurate to the original, but despite a great play list, do not yet have the edge of the Flaming Moes or Grunt. I am told they are quickly catching up, and we should keep in mind that they are relative newcomers.

Their play list makes them suited to just about anyone into bands. Whether you are aged 18 or 25, you will know the music, especially if you grew up with Pearl Jam. Because they are new, it is hard to say how big a following they have. During their first couple of songs (very mellow), there was nobody on the dancefloor, but during their second set (much faster) it was packed. Ripe at Jooce would be their biggest gig at the moment.

I will have another look at them in a few months, because I think in time they will rise to the top. It has been a while since a decent new cover band has appeared on the scene, and Millenium Bug are one of the better new comers. Go and see them when you want some classic alternative.

Ben Clissold @