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Friday, January 29, Ď99

Friday @ Cherry Hill

I saw Leverty because they are mates of a mate, and they were hoping I could use some contacts to advance their cause. This is something I hate doing, because if the band are hopeless, I am stranded. Fortunately, though not in the style of any of the other bands listed here, they were okay, but their look and music does not suit nightclub audiences aged 18-24.

They play a mix of Triple M classics. Plenty of U2, Pink Floyd, and a bit of Matchbox 20 to retain some currentness. They are good to sing along to. For an acoustic three piece band, they were remarkably accurate, and hardly missed a beat or a line. It is suited to a pub full of 24+ year olds; the people who know the music.

I saw them at the Cherry Hill Hotel, which is their biggest gig and seemed an appropriate venue for their style. They only just started there, so the crowd was not huge, but the potential is there. They only need to work on a few little elements. Their crowd interaction is great, their play list consistent, but they need to work on the look. One of the guitarists looked to be in pain throughout the first set, and the singer needs to dress better.

If they want big pub or nightclub gigs they would need to change to a more energetic playlist, but they would be better to keep doing what they are doing. Go and see them when you want to sing along to some classic rock.

Ben Clissold
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