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Sat @ Wild Bills

Elephant & W St Kilda
these guys are great, i accidently seem to follow them around, grown quite attached!!! they play all the best songs to suit everyones taste in music... and the drummer is, personally, my highlight of the whole night... he plays great!!! check them out sometime...
Anita, montrose, Sat Feb 23 21:39:38 2008
Thursday @ Burvale Hotel
great cover band every thursday night
crack, burwood, Sun May 27 10:40:30 2007
New Year’s Eve ‘06-‘07 @ Geebung Polo Club
Boys are back for the second year in a row. Double header with Adam 12 till 9
then the KRUNCH boys to see ya through to 2007!!!!!
KB, Tue Dec 12 22:16:42 2006
Friday @ Elephant & Wheelbarrow City
These guys have been at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow for a couple of months now
on Fridays. They started of big and they are getting bigger. Not only awsome
songs, great atmosphere but the Krunch boys are very hot! My freinds and I never
miss. Keep rockin'boys.
Kristan, South Yarra, Sun Nov 6 14:25:45 2005
Saturday @ Geebung Polo Club
Went to Geebung Hawthorn last Saturday. Place is getting back to what it use to
be. Awsome new band Krunch. These guys know how to party and to the ladies, they
are so hot.
Sam, Box Hill, Mon Aug 22 22:08:04 2005
Saturday @ Geebung Polo Club
Went to Geebung last week. New band Krunch were playing. All the guys are sooooo
hot. Cool party atmosphere. These guys are bringing the Geebung back to the huge
Saturday it use to be. They are one of the best bands I have seen in a long
Sam, Box Hill, Mon Aug 22 22:02:35 2005
Saturday @ Wild Bills
Krunch Rocks. they are one of my favourite Cover Bands. Rock on
Shaun, Tue Mar 8 11:49:28 2005
Great new band. Saw them recently and was very impressed. Awesome playlist,
ranging from party tunes to classic alternative. Great attitude, good look, top
sound. Possibly the most promising debut since Adam12.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Mar 7 09:06:41 2005
Saturday @ Wild Bills
12.03: Bills last ever night
Wild Bills will close forever on March 12th. Krunch will be seeing it out with a
bang. A massive party is being organised for the night. Details to come.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Mar 4 05:07:48 2005