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Killer Klowns


any idea if these guys are still playing? saw em yrs ago and they're hilarious
lu, melbourne, Wed Mar 29 15:52:12 2006
Thursday @ Unlisted Venue
24.03: Sirocco's Burnie
(Sirocco's Burnie) The first time I seen The Klowns I was scared of them because
I didn't know what to expect but when I went to see them in Burnie I was right
up the front drank out of a rubber chicken and had Pagan's Penis rubbed in my
face at least twice. Just wanted to let you know that I think YOU GUYS ROCK and
can't wait till you come back to Burnie. Hope you all have a great Easter. Lots
of Love Amanda xxxxx
Amanda Salter, Burnie, Fri Mar 25 18:38:51 2005
Thursday, May 11, Ď00
The Klowns have just taken up residency at the Grand, and will be appearing there every Thursday night. The Klowns perform with so much energy and enthusiasm, it is hard for the crowd not to enjoy their performances. The band is geared up in clown costumes that delight and scare the audience.

They also involve the crowd and make them part of their performance. This includes using Supersoakers to drench the crowd (which is refreshing after a lot of moshing), getting people to sing part of songs, handing out balloon animals.

The lead singer, Pagan is quite the charismatic one, with comments that are humourous and often dirty to get a laugh out of the crowd. Fisto the Magnificent, the bass player extraordinaire looks like an evil Ronald McDonald, and can get any crowd going with those pumping basslines. Aenima, the guitarist, wows the audience with his masterful playing and the outfit is wicked as well, including a silver holographic hat. Smack, the drummer is one of a kind, being able to play the drums in many ways, shapes and forms, including with sticks of fire. Last but not least, there's Koma, the keyboardist, who's forte is in making balloon animals and saturating the audience with Supersoakers.

People who would be interested in seeing this coverband, would definitely be into a lot of heavy alternative music, such as Limp Bizkit, Grinspoon, Greenday and the like. The people who tend to turn up to this night, are around the 20-30 age range and usually arrive around 10:30 to 11:00 to watch the band kick in just after.

At the moment it is not that busy, as they have just started their residency and not many people know about the Grand being open on a Thursday night. It should get much busier in the next couple of weeks, when more people know about it and find out how great this band is.

The drinks are reasonable at regular bar prices and entry can be free if you obtain the password from their website which is at Overall a fantastic night with a great band.

Suzanne Kalenjuk and Cindy Smith @