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Groove Jooce

Fri @ Swan Hotel (Richmond), Sat @ Royal Hotel (Mornington)

Saturday, July 29, Ď00
Groove Jooce, another new coverband hitting the streets of Melbourne. We caught up with them at the Royal Hotel in Mornington on Sat 29 July.

These guys have been around, most with extensive experience playing with other bands before coming together here. It shows. The music is great, they sound like a unit and even though we only managed to see half a set, all songs were well played.

Groove Jooce have a much broader set list than most coverbands, playing everything from the '70s to today. You will hear things like the Beatles, followed by Matchbox 20 followed by Tainted Love. A huge mix, sure to satisfy everyone in the venue.

They do not currently have a weekly gig, but you can be put on the mailing list at their website, and they will let you know when gigs are lined up.

The crowd at the Royal was older, it looked predominantly 30+. This is probably more a result of the venue than the band, however with the variety of songs they play, they really cater to any age group.

Now for the down side. The singer does not know the words to many songs, and it is very obvious. It was almost impossible to sing along with them at times as the words were so mixed up you had no idea where in the song they were. However, this should improve with time, and a recommendation to the singer would be to have the words in front of him for songs he's not sure of. Yes, some people think this is unprofessional, but it does mean you'll get the words right, and finish the song well.

Overall though, Groove Jooce a worth checking out, especially if you like a mix of music and not the standard 'cover band' sets.

Jenni Wallace @