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Edge (The)

Check their website for gigs

Friday, May 18, ‘01
I saw the band EDGE last week at Arizona Bar in Narre Warren and thought I'd let you know the info.

Edge are a 4 piece band playing top 40 and classic covers. They are 3 guys and a girl lead singer.

They really put alot of energy into their show and although it wasn't a huge crowd the people that were there really got into the band.

I go see lots of bands and I really like these guys. They are pretty cool and have heaps of fun on stage. The song mix was really good too with some stuff that not everyone does.

I liked the sound - Im not sure if it was their sound system or not.

I recommend that people find out where they are playing and go check them out for a really good night. We will be checking out this band often.

Andrew Broughten
Saturday, March 24, ‘01

Saw Edge at Cue Sportz recently. Great feel, crowd really getting into everything. The band is a four piece with a chick up front. She adds a different feel to the usual four guys who stand and give you heaps of talk and not much music.

These guys really got into it, they were enjoying the show as much as the people. Great range of music, current, some classics, some straight out rock. These four weren't into egos just, the music. They really gave their all. Well worth checking them out.

Saturday, February 24, ‘01

I just saw a new band called The EDGE (I think). They were playing at Shamrocks and then at Cue Sportz and they are really good. They are different because they are three guys with a girl singer and it puts a really fun slant on lots of songs.

They are a high energy 4 piece band who really work with the crowd. The nights I saw them they did lots of top 40 party songs with some other older fun songs too. I am trying to find out where else they are playing 'cause I think they will be around a lot in '01.

For really a really pumping fun night you have to check them out. The rest of the band is pretty easy on the eyes especially the drummer.

Emily Matherns @