Keep’n Rhythm
Bit of drumLike a curly noodleBit more drum
Even more drum

Captain Spalding

Sun @ Elephant & Wheelbarrow StKilda, Wed @ Howl at the Moon Narre, Thu @ Howl at the Moon Chadstone, Fri @ Geebung Hawthorn, Sat @ Depot

Queen’s Birthday Eve ‘06 @ Attic
Traffic Light Balloon Party! plus the amazing CAPTAIN SPALDING BAND will have us
all singing the night away with a little help from Scotty J!
The Attic, Sunbury, Mon Jun 5 00:24:43 2006
Labour Day Eve ‘06
G'day gruuvas. SUNDAY - The triumphant return of CAPTAIN SPALDING!
The Attic, Wed Mar 8 06:27:35 2006
Australia Day Eve ‘06 @ Pure
This Wednesday come party with Captain Spalding for Australia Day Eve. Jim Beam
promo with heaps of prizes. DJ Rohan live til 5.
Pure, Melton, Tue Jan 24 05:25:33 2006
The Captain has been around forever. They are known for their party tunes, good
fun attitude, and crowd interaction.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Mar 7 09:12:39 2005
Thursday, January 14, ‘99
View the Captain Spalding .MPG video (1.54mb)

Captain Spalding are fairly legendary, and have an attitude about them. They play a broad party mix, with plenty of current stuff, including a little alternative. They are the first cover band I ever saw, way back in ‘93, and I still remember them playing “Boom! Shake the room” that night.

Like most party bands, their strength is crowd involvement. The Captain never stops talking, with his heavy (Scottish?) accent, and they involve as many people as possible. They play plenty of songs to dance to, a few to sing to, and maybe one or two to mosh to, but the mix is pretty consistent.

This means that they can play something for every taste, so encourages a broad crowd. They can play for 18 or 35 year olds, and adapt to suit whichever they are playing to. They have the capacity to draw big crowds, but they lack a really big gig just now.

Their accuracy is pretty high, but everything has a distinctive Captain Spalding sound. You want to see these guys when you are looking for a party.

Ben Clissold @