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Wednesday @ The Rossi, Friday @ Exchange Hotel, Saturday @ Governor Hotham

Friday, March 16, Ď01
Bungalow is a relatively new young cover band that plays as a duo, with the occasional help of a drum machine. Their music is a wide variety of New Rock / Classics with lots of Australian music, performed with a very live spontaneous interpretation. It makes for a very entertaining night with good audience involvement without the overpowering noise of a full band.

Bungalow has a website and email list at, they also have a self titled original CD out.

Well I went to the Exchange on Friday night and it went off. The place is known for its suits. People come from everywhere to have a drink straight from work and kick on into the night. The bar staff are fantastic, quick and friendly and the drinks are reasonably cheap. The bouncers are also helpful and very friendly (a very rare find!).

The venue is basically divided into two parts a dance floor with DJ playing the lastest tunes and around the corner is the stage where various bands including Bungalow, who had their trial run (so to speak) on Friday Night and they were fantastic! The crowd moved with them and by 11.00ish when Bungalow finished off with "Run to Paradise" the crowd was moving in unison and singing every word. The guys packed up their stuff to the crowd chanting "encore encore". So I can say it was a huge success and hope to see the guys there again.

So everyone out there if you are looking for a venue that has a slight corporate feel, plays all kinds of music and you want a place where everyone just has a lot of fun without drunken louts and fights that you get at some places then this is the place for you!

Yvette Willams
Wednesday, March 7, Ď01

Wednesday Nights from 9pm, The Rosstown Hotel (Main Bar), 1084 Dandenong Road, Carnegie

With Aidan Flynn and Richard Kane (2 members of Melbourne band, Bungalow) churning out a laidback blend of acoustic covers and originals, the Main Bar at The Rosstown Hotel is a great place for a few quiet drinks and a good conversation. It's almost like you've stepped into your own private lounge room - the number of regular, familiar faces among the crowd and the open fire burning in the wintertime enhancing the comfortable environs.

The boys from Bungalow Acoustic and their guest performers take requests in what is a very intimate gig: anything from Van Morrison to Hunters & Collectors and Blink 182. If you're lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it!), you may even be entertained by the occasional drunken karaoke classic.<