October 6 2011
Max Moose
All New - even the Email system

Email System

We're upgrading everything, right down to the Email system. Although great care was taken, an error or two may have occured in the transfer. We apologise if you're receiving this in error.

The databases transfered include:
- Max Moose
- Loft Saturday (now Star Saturdays)
- Chris & Mike's Rumours / East 93 database
- (now Manhattan & Shakers, etc)
- Associated others.

The Site

The site has a new look. You can see Moose v2.0 online now. Moose v2.1 is on it's way and will be awesome!

Get on! Make sure you're on our Facebook now!

Check it all out now!

The Word...

Star Saturdays poster Star Saturdays
If ever there was a Max Moose night... You have to get on board this one! 3 rooms and 20 of our favourite DJs. Top 40 Dance, House, Electro and R&B! Info: www.starsaturdays.com

Loft Saturday
Last week was the last week for the Loft Sat Crew before their move to the bigger and better Star. See above.

Pretty As, the new Thursday has taken off. Good DJ lineup. Actually, Shakers is doing well. Very different to its predecessor. Info below & here.

Manhattan's 3rd birthday is coming: Oct 14/15. It's been full for three years. The place rocks, especially the beer-garden. Info below & here.

Keep on partying!

Max Moose
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Star Saturdays poster Shakers Pass Mahattan Poster