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MAX MOOSE Special Edition
May 11 2011

Hey Party Animals,

Its been ages between updates. That's because we're working on big changes...

Enormoose Changes. We're building a New Max Moose!

Ben started Max Moose in 1998. It is the longest running nightlife info website on Earth! We were the first to have reader reviews, a links page, a photo gallery and more. Now, the next revolution...

Bringing the site into 2011 - Your opinions wanted

We've been around since 1998 and it looks like it! WE'RE GIVING MAX MOOSE A TOTALLY NEW LOOK and a NEW STRUCTURE fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc. Very 2011.

But, we don't know it all. We want you to tell us what you want in the new site.

-> Tell us what you want on <-
-> the new Max Moose right here <-

New team - Johnny, Desh and a few others are coming in, and Ben is stepping aside. It's time for new ideas and enthusiasm to take over. Ben has done it all in clubbing and has earnt a rest.

Happy Being Single Song

A friend of the site has recorded a song: Happy Being Single. Might strike a chord with a few of you. Check it out on You Tube. If you like it, share it. (Some might prefer his Buble stuff)

Clubbing Gold Coast & Adelaide 2011

We've been to the Gold Coast and Adelaide. Gold Coast is rocking hard as ever. Tons of fun clubs and bars on Orchid Ave and around. The highlights (that we can mention) included Melba's (as
always), Sin City, Shooters, Beergarden and Vanity. Definitely a party worth the trip.

Adelaide is like a trip back in time. Most of the action is on one street, the venues are themed and fun, and people are more focused on partying than pretentiousness. That makes it good for a short visit. Not sure how it goes mid-week but there are enough venues for a couple of good weekends.

Thanks for all your support, and don't forget to tell us what you want on the new site.


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