Max Moose
MAX MOOSE Special Edition
June 29 2009

Hit it every night...

Hey Party Animals,

So, you think you can party?... We dare you to try this on for size...

For those studying its holiday time. That means seeing who in your crew parties hardest. Who can do the most nights in a row???

Here's the form guide...

Tonight, Monday: Sin @ Odeon (easily the place to be on Mondays - info)

Tuesday: Big Tuesday @ Cheers

Wednesday: The Edgy

Thursday: Winter Jam concert @ Palace (ex Metro) - Omarion & Fatman Scoop (info)
(or Meeting Place @ Manhattan (inf), Billboard)

Friday: Rocket @ Village Green or Daiseys (info) or Indecent @ Syn (info)
(or Prank @ Manhattan (inf), retro @ Glacier (inf), Dysfunktional @ The Loft, Passionfruit Pulp @ Euro (inf))

Saturday: The Loft (voted no.1 by Max Moose readers - info)
(or Action Sam @ Euro (inf), Checkpoint Charlie @ Manhattan (inf), Seduction (inf), Vanity @ Boutique (inf), Rockstar @ Glacier (inf))

Sunday: Star Bar

We look forward to seeing you at Odeon tonight!


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