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MAX MOOSE Special Edition
June 4 2009

Important Information about your Max Moose / nightclubs subscription!

Hey Party Animals,

Please read this carefully...

We have just transferred all our databases to a new system.

That includes all memberships of nightclub lists like:

- Loft Saturdays
- Sin Mondays @ Odeon
- the old Rumours databases
- The old East 93 databases
- or many, many other nightclub related databases.

There shouldn't be any changes to the types of Emails you receive, but while enormous care was taken in the transfer there may be one or two Email addresses that have been moved somewhere in error. We apologise if this is the case.

If you don't like receiving all our Emails, can we please suggest you update your details (the link next to unsubscribe at the bottom). Then we can limit what we send you.

This may be the first Email you have received from us in a while. We have been sending them to you, but some technical issues have stopped them arriving. For instance, a handful of Hotmail addresses never receive these Emails, most receive all of them.

Please excuse any bugs while we adjust to the new system, and get on with the job of letting you know what's happening around the place. We love partying with you.


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