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Max Moose Email: Your invite to an event 10 years in the making > OUR 10TH BIRTHDAY PARTY! This Sat 13 Dec 2008

If youíre reading this, then we want you at our special night!...

MAX MOOSE 10th Birthday Party Max is 10!

Hey Party Animals,

Thanks to your almighty support weíre the first club info website on Earth (as far as we can find) to make it to 10 years!

Thatís a reason to party!

Just by visiting the site and reading these Emails, youíve helped us get there, so we want you to come and celebrate with us...

When: THIS SATURDAY 13 December

Where: THE LOFT, 117 Lonsdale St, City

What: FREE BEER, WINE & BUBBLY 9-11pm (you must be on the guestlist). Plus Melbourneís best weekly party. DJs Scotty Erdos, Phil Ross & Scotty J spinning the tunes Ďtil 5am or later, & some birthday surprises.

Why: Loft Saturday is the favourite night of Max Moose readers. Thatís why it dominates our awards and reviews. Its an outright party with our favourite blend of music and people.

Sign onto the (already huge) guestlist now.

Thanks again for your enormoose support. We love partying with you.


Max Moose
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