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Max Moose Email: Love fashion, clubs, promoting, bar work? Birthdays, functions, MooseSpace, Bus tours (July 2007)
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Fashionista Friday * Promoters wanted * Female bar staff wanted * Birthdays, Functions, Parties * Max Moose MySpace * Bus Tours

Hey Party Animals,

There's tons happening, so read and forward this to a friend...


  • Love fashion? Fashionista Friday is coming
  • Be paid to party - promoters wanted
  • Female bar staff wanted
  • Birthdays, functions, any party
  • Last week's news
  • Max Moose MySpace
  • Moose Bus Tours

    Be paid to party
    promoters wanted for good nights

    Love clubbing? Be paid to do it. Some of the best nights around Melbourne are looking for promoters right now. We're talking about you being part of the best nights that advertise here. All you have to do is fill in this form and the venues will contact you. Do it now!

    Female bar staff wanted

    The massive popularity of The Loft Saturday and Icon Friday means both venues need more female bar staff. If that's your thang and you're a fun, outgoing person, send your resume to the address on this link.

    Max Moose MySpace

    Its been way too tough to find Melbourne clubs, pubs, DJs and coverbands on MySpace, so we’ve created two MySpace pages to make it easy.

    myspace.com/max_moose lists ONLY clubs, pubs, DJs, coverbands and promoters. Just view our friends for the best collection of Melbourne nightlife MySpace links.

    myspace.com/melbournenightclub is for you to add to your MySpace friends. If you are on MySpace, add yourself to myspace.com/melbournenightclub only and we’d love you to put it in your top friends. Take a look.
  •   Love fashion? Fashionista
    Fashionista Pass Friday is coming

    If you're into fashion, models, and all that scene, you have to swing by the Royal Melbourne this Friday for the launch of Fashionista.

    This one's gonna be hot.

    The crew behind some of Melbourne's classiest clubs ever are kicking some style back into the scene. Fashion parade by Olive, celebrities, champagne and an amazing venue - you have to see this place. We'll send you more info later this week, so stay tuned.

    Birthdays, functions, any party any size

    If you're having a party of any size for any reason, check into our Functions, Birthdays page. There's some irresistable offers.

    Last week's news

    See last week's update for the low-down on:
  • Chill On Ice Bar: Melbourne's coolest bar
  • Icon firing: party central
  • Loft: Roc tha Block tour party Saturday
  • Non-smoking: carpet debate
  • Golden Gate 90s Saturday drinkcards
  • Maximising this weekend
  • Chatter about The Depot & Metro

    Moose Bus Tours

    Nightclub bus tours are a lot of fun. A bus, your friends, four clubs and competitions. Because you’re all on a bus, nobody has to worry about driving. Its a great night out. Check out our bus tours page.

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