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Max Moose Email: Ice Bar, Icon firing, Roc Tha Block @ Loft, non-smoking, Golden Gate 90s, The Depot, Metro, MooseSpace, Bus tours (July 2007)
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Ice Bar * Icon firing * Roc Tha Block @ Loft * non-smoking * Golden Gate 90s * The Depot * Metro * Max Moose MySpace * Bus Tours

Hey Party Animals,

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  • Chill On Ice Bar: Melbourne's coolest bar
  • Icon firing: party central
  • Loft: Roc tha Block tour party Saturday
  • Non-smoking: carpet debate
  • Golden Gate 90s Saturday drinkcards
  • Maximising this weekend
  • Chatter about The Depot & Metro
  • Max Moose MySpace
  • Moose Bus Tours

    Icon firing: party central

    A combination of bus ads on late night TV and Max Moose ads has Icon firing. Both Fridays and Saturdays are as good as we can remember them. It has a real party atmosphere with a flaming bar you can dance on, just like on Coyote Ugly. Jump on tonight's guestlist.

    Loft: Roc tha Block tour party Saturday

    You couldn't move at The Loft last week. Hot crowd too. This week will be every bit as big with the Roc Tha Block tour party.

    The massive Roc tha Block urban concert is back August 11. The Loft is getting involved. They have tickets to giveaway and more, there's even talk of an after-party. If you love urban, Roc The Loft. Get on the new, faster guestlist now.

    Roc Tha Block Flyer

    Non-smoking: carpet debate

    The non-smoking laws have kicked in and there's hardly been any fuss, except people saying how much better venues without carpet smell. Most of the places we were at or have spoken to went well last weekend. There was next to no drop off in numbers and lots of us enjoyed not stinking of smoke after a good night out. Ultimately, it will increase the number of people going out.

    Chatter about The Depot & Metro

    There's been a bit of chatter about the extensive renovations being done at The Depot and the future of Metro. Check into the gossip page for more.

    Moose Bus Tours

    Nightclub bus tours are a lot of fun. A bus, your friends, four clubs and competitions. Because you’re all on a bus, nobody has to worry about driving. Its a great night out. Check out our bus tours page.
  •   Chill On Ice Bar: Melbourne's coolest bar

    Chill On is officially Melbourne's coolest bar!

    Chill On is an Ice Bar. It was bloody freezing but ever so cool. Everything is made of ice (within reason), from the couch, to the walls, to the glasses. Its around the -10 degree mark but they provide you with gloves and jackets to keep you warm...

    Full review and more pics.

    Mini Moose with ice glass
    Mini Moose with ice glass

    Golden Gate 90s Saturday: drinkcards

    The Golden Gate on Clarendon Street South Melbourne is having great success with its 90s night, JoyRide. Its big and growing. If you want to check it out, see last week's Email to win a drinkcard.

    Maximising this weekend

    We're getting ready for a huge weekend. Here's are the places to be:

    Friday (tonight):
    Icon: Its the party place. Dance on the flaming bar and all the Coyote Ugly stuff. DJs playing Top 40, dance, RnB, house. More info left (guestlist- much faster now).
    DC @ Eve: This is for the RnB lovers. Its a great night.
    Lotus: This is a new house and electro night. Top DJs. Details & guestlist.

    The Loft: Its crazy up there. Top 40, dance, house, RnB. It'll be a full house early this week. Don't miss it. More info left (guestlist- faster).
    Palace Camberwell: Jamie from Big Brother is dropping by Saturday. Info.
    Golden Gate: Its a very impressive 90s night. If you loved the 90s you have to be there. More info above.
    Odeon: The heats of Who Looks Best in their Little Black Dress, one of our favourite promotions, are on now. Its worth a look. Info.

    Max Moose MySpace

    Its been way too tough to find Melbourne clubs, pubs, DJs and coverbands on MySpace, so we’ve created two MySpace pages to make it easy.

    myspace.com/max_moose lists ONLY clubs, pubs, DJs, coverbands and promoters. Just view our friends for the best collection of Melbourne nightlife MySpace links.

    myspace.com/melbournenightclub is for you to add to your MySpace friends. If you are on MySpace, add yourself to myspace.com/melbournenightclub only and we’d love you to put it in your top friends. Take a look.

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