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Please note, this is another page that we don't use much anymore. The nightclub ClubGoss page is better for this sort of stuff.


Benís Editorial

Happy Birthday MAX!. It is a year to the day since MAX had its first hit. Many thousands of hits later (over 50,000 page hits per month), MAX is going strong. MAX still needs more visitors, content, and advice. I would really like to publish a few more reviews from you guys, especially of the nights not yet covered. So if you want to give your favorite night a great review, please do.

Things have been crazy lately, because all the students have been finishing exams, and businesses have been chasing MAX about website design. To encourage that, MAX is undergoing a bit of a facelift, because the site was far from my best work, and many of you told me that in the exit popup window.

Students finishing exams (time to write reviews?), plus warmer weather brings about the peak season for nightclubs and parties. Of course, NYEY2K is the party everyone is talking about, and MAX has put together a feature, letting you know the places to be.

MAX's beef for the month is with all the silly little underground clubs out there. They are popping up everywhere, and all doing the same thing. They are about 2-300 capacity, play hardcore dance (techno and house), and open a new night every other week. They have a life of about three months, then disappear again because nobody goes. They drive MAX mad because people complain that they are not listed or reviewed, when only a couple of hundred people actually know of their existence, because they neither tell us they are there, nor advertise anywhere. You wonder why they fail? ;)

Anyway, enjoy your summer,

Ben Clissold

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Thanks MAXY

Hi, I would just like to say that your site is excellent! I have just recently turned 18 and am very anxious to go out and stuff, and I have now found the clubs which I would like to go to from your site! You have provided heaps of info on them, and the reviews helped a lot!
Thanks for running a great site on melbourne clubs! - Louise

Hey Louise,
Thanks for the pat on the back. Its nice to know people make the most of the site. Let us know what you think of the clubs you visit.
- Ben

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Thanks MAXY

This site is *exactly* what I was after. I wanted to find out what was on tonight. I know the major clubs in my head but needed a refresher of what is out there and the *latest* news of the nights; like a fly on the wall of what goes on there. The entry and drink prices are important cause that determines whether I can afford the train ticket to uni on Monday. Hahaha. Very good but unfortunately I've never heard of this site before.

It would be great if you commented on the quality of drinks provided and prices. Do they fill spirits up with ice (like Seven nightclub) or water the beer down. A map of the locations would be good and where parking may be found and if you have to pay for it. Oh, and don't forget to include the "pickup factor" heheheh ;).? - Anon

Hey there,
Thanks goodness, it has been months between letters. Glad to be of help.
- Ben

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Congratulations Councillor

Hi Ben,
Congrats on becoming a Councillor in the Casey Council elections. This doesn't mean the end for the MAX MOOSE site does it? - Brad

Hey Brad,
Thanks. It is an honour and a challenge I can't wait for. Not entirely sure what it means for MAX just yet. The bigger problem is that I have been marketing / running / reviewing clubs for about 5 years, and am out-growing it. MAX needs someone who wants to be visiting three or four different clubs every weekend (my record is five in a night and eleven for a weekend), and is keen to chase gossip. If I could find a buyer who really knew clubs, I might sell it, but until then, things will continue.
- Cr Ben

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What's Hot Thursdays

I go to Silvers all the time, so I was looking to see if any one else does anything good on Thursday nights as Silvers is getting, slightly monotonous! Anyway thanks for the info. Great site by the way. I check it a few time s a week, but could you piss off the screen that comes up after you leave the site?

P.S. Oh yeah, do you think pubs-clubs, will have an impact on your site?

Catch ya - Sean Bryden

Hey Sean,
If you are looking for something similar to Blush , try Cheers (Atlantis) or maybe Motel or Seven. Cheers was a similar, if not a little bit younger, a month or so back. I hear that Motel and Seven are okay too.
Thanks for the positive feedback, but the popup stays, because it provides me with good feedback and ideas.
Pubs-Clubs will probably help me out, believe it or not. Everytime something like it, or any of the other fifteen or sixteen competitors advertises, the same thing happens. People check out their site, but then hit the search engines looking for something else, and find MAX.
The problem pubs-clubs will have, is that it is going to cover the whole of Australia, and a wide range of entertainment. That means it will be big, and hard to find what you want. However, it all comes down to the nature of the content. If the content is good and interactive, it will succeed, otherwise it will go down the Citysearch path. I guess the knowledge of the people running it will have some bearing too. We will find out soon enough..
- Max

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Happy 2000

Hey MAX,

Happy New Year and I am certain that MAX MOOSE will excell in the year 2000.

Vespa @ Silvers (Saturday) has been going great and I received postitive feeback from the MAX MOOSE promotions.

Kind regards, - Flavia Lentini (Primo Promos - Vespa)

Thanks Flavia. Of course a Happy New Year to you and all of MAX's other readers too. - Max

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Docks go Crazy

Hey there - just letting you know that Crazy Haus are now resident at The Docks Williamstown (next door to the Yacht Club Hotel) on Sundays. It is a 7:30pm start and is a pretty cool laid back evening in a small, intimate place. This venue has never had bands before. The gig is two weeks old and it attracts about 300+ people. Entry is free. - Dean (Crazy Haus)

P.S. well done on the site.

Thanks Dean. - Max

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Max!. - Jo Harrison

Thanks Jo. It is nice to know you care. - Max

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21-20 online

Thanks for the link. I would love to link to your page as I had a look and found it to be a great idea. However, our webpage is out of date and I am thinking of replacing it with a new one. The guy who used to do it has left the band so I will have to get on to it soon. As soon as I do I will ensure a link to your great page.!. - Shaun (21-20)

Cheers Shaun. - Max

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UndeRage On


Can you please tell me of any under 18's nightclubs within Melbourne or any under 18's events between November 30 and December 7? Much appreciated! - Annette =O)

Hi Annette,
I wish I could provide you with a great list, but not being underage myself, it is difficult for me to help out too much. There are regular events at both Jooce (Fri) and Metro (Sat arvo) - you can Email either club for details( or Club V (Viper) do underage events almost every Saturday (Dec 4, 11, 18, etc), between 6 & 11. More details at: http://come.2/viperfant.
I am trying very hard to put together more info on underage clubs. If you can help out with a review, or advice, or maybe a run-down of the places to be, hundreds of people would appreciate it.
Hope the info helps.
- Max

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Club Sensible

Dear MAX,

It is great to see your support for non-smoking nightclubs, but how about going one better. How about a club that you can leave without having your ears ringing? It cannot be good for our ears to be punished by the over-loud speakers in every club I have visited. It is just not necessary for the music to be sooooo loud. We would love a nightclub where you could actually talk to people, and not come home smelling of ashtrays. They could call it 'Club Sensible", and i would be there every week. - Angela

I could not agree more. The Redhead marquee bar was the only dancefloor I have ever seen (heard?) where you could actually talk to people. Some clubs have chill-out rooms for some relief, but you goto clubs to dance. Until something 'sensible happens, seriously think about ear-plugs or big crazy hats. - Max

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Suggestions plus


Could you get passes to QBH either on Friday nights or Saturday nights? Its supposed to be the hottest club around. If you can't would you be able to tell me where they are available?

One more suggestion: "Why don't you start a chat room for all us clubbers to discuss clubs? - Kristy

1. I wish I knew. QBH seem to like the site, so I will endeavour to put their passes online, but cannot make any promises. I have not seen their passes anywhere, but the friendly management may be able to help. If you don't like calling clubs try Emailing them.
2. I am definitely thinking about it. There are enough readers now to justify it, but we will see what happens after Uni exams are over. I am not sure whether readership will drop-off post-exams, so we will wait and see. There would be nothing worse than building a Chat Room if nobody uses it. If readership stays at current levels, I will add one as soon as I find some time to do it.
- Max

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Important questions

Greetings Max Moose,

1/ Any idea which clubs have more women than guys? Maybe it's just a change in my perception, but it seems everywhere I go, us guys out number the ladies. A most unfortunate situation.

2/ Is QBH any good? Considering it's a new club, I only heard a few radio ads and that was it.

3/ Go Jeff!! - Paul

1. I wish I knew, but if we did know, every guy would be there! One thing I can say is that the week after a place is full of blokes, it is usually filled with girls.
2. QBH has had a mixed response (check out Club Goss for the word). If you like house/techno music, you will like QBH. The venue is apparently awesome.
3. Jeff is still alive and kickin'. We'll know more about his health (and toenails!) by Monday (Nine votes in Geelong equals four years of disasters!)
- Max

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Trance over techno


You really need better music catogories than you have. Techno is dead and will be for a long time. How about a listing for Trance 'cause that is all anyone is listening to at the moment. - Masters

I think I agree with you on all fronts. Yeah, I much prefer trance to anything else in the techno domain too. However, you may have noticed I am not exactly the world's greatest techno expert, so I don't know the song-titles. If you wanted to add a few more, it would be much appreciated. - Max

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Meet MAX?

Hey MAX,

Love your site. Just as an idea, have you thought about advertising a night out meet for your regular contributors / readers? Nothing too dramatic, just a headline on your site such as: Max Moose readers meet, this Thursday (or whenever) @ Seven/ Silvers/whatever?

Cheers - Andrew

PS: Dammit! Someone beat me to the Super/Seven review...

Thank-you. How great minds think alike. I have been thinking about many different options, including the one you suggested. In fact, I have been talking to many clubs about different ideas. I have been thinking about everything from club nights, to a club of the week program, to starting something like a MM membership which would get you discounts at selected places. Stay tuned.
As far as the review goes, MAX is pretty quick. Did you agree with the review?
- Max

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MAX for Perth?

Hey MAX,

Man, this is the best site of itís kind I have ever seen! I live in Perth, but visit Melbourne at least once a year. This was just what I was looking for to find out where to go. Iím sad to hear that the Redhead has closed, I have a wicked night there last year on a Thursday! I would have rocked up there and found it closed. Now I know I can goto Silvers instead :)

Max, if you want me to write a shortish clubbing guide for Perth for any Melbourne people who visit here, Iíd be happy to do it. I have the scene pretty sussed here :)

Anyone visiting Perth, please email me.

Keep on dancin! Des

Thanks for your kind words. I think the site is alright too, but I wish it would make some $$$s.
Next time you are in Melbourne, and have a Redhead craving, as well as Silvers, think about having a look at Seven. It is run by the same people who ran Redhead so well.
As for the Perth club guide, I would love to publish it. Not only would it be good for travelling Victorians, but I have a number of readers in Perth too. We won't know how successful it will be until we try it, so keeping it short makes sense, but I have a good feeling about it. - Thank-you very much.
- Max

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Club Goss rocks

Dear Max Moose,

Thanx for club goss. Muchly appreciated! Love Trish

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More undeRage

Hi Max,

Itís Mick here from Melbourne Raves. I always go to your pages for info on clubs, but lately a lot of people have been asking me for info on under 18's clubs. Can you help?

I know Metro, Chasers, Silvers sometimes have these under 18s events. If you can help it would be great.

See Ya. Mick

I am getting a lot of those requests myself at the moment. I will, in the next few weeks, go through my databases and Email all the under 18s, asking for their input.
Because I am well beyond underage nights, I donít know a whole lot about them. Metro runs Time regularly on Saturday afternoons, Jooce has Protein most Friday nights, Chasers occassionally put on events. There are a few others around as well, but Time and Protein are the biggest two.
Stay tuned.
- Max

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Vespa scoots along


Thank you kindly for the ad.

Vespa, the Italian night at Silvers on Saturday has been up and running for the last few weeks. It been a great success we will be giving away the ET4 Vespa on the 16th of October.

Itís been huge full house every week - yeah! The Italian community is pumping to the latest Italian tracks.

Itís about time a nightclub site came about. Great idea. Great site. Great work! Once again thanx for your support! Flavia from Primo Promotions

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MAX should undeRage

Hello Max Moose,

I was just wondering if you had any information on underage events in Melbourne. If so, could you put it on your page. Thanx. Simone

I would love to, but unfortunately (!) I am overage, so I do not know much about underage events. Sometime soon I will go through the entry database and ask all underagers to help put some stuff together. If you could help out with a review, some gossip, or whatever, it would be much appreciated. - Max

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Scott goes Crazy

Hello how are you Max?

Well thought I would update you on whatís happening with Crazy Haus. Scott the keyboarder has left the band and we are all very upset. He was really good at the keyboard and singing, and he will be missed. But, there is a NEW keyboarder. I have not met him as yet, but I will soon. I hope he is as good as Scott was.

So whatís happening with Thursday nights at the Hallam? Are Hype playing there too? They are a really good band too. They will really go far. I like their style. They are very good and they get you into it. They also get the people up there with them and I think that is good.

Well anyway, see ya, Miss Terri-Lee

Thanks for the update on Crazy Haus.
Hype opened for Crazy Haus at the Hallam on Thursdays for about a month, but despite their talent, it did not work, so they are no longer part of the night. They have been replaced by a medley of Two Dogs and the singer from The Flaming Moes. There is also Karaoke in Bullwinkles now.
- Max

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MAX Fashion

Dear Max,

Who was the guy wearing the MAX MOOSE T-shirt at Inflation a couple of Saturdays ago? Jazz

That would have been me, unless someone liked MAX so much that they designed their own T-shirt. I was there on a nightclub tour. I canít beleive you commented on the T-shirt before that crazy top hat! - Max

The hat was mad. - Jazz

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Toga gone?


Thanks for the update on Redhead. I had heard the rumour about it opening up and being called Seven, but hadnít had it confirmed by anyone. My word is its not far from where ĎToga is. I have also heard something about Saratoga closing down, is there any truth to that? It would make some sense. I think the owners of Toga and Redhead were connected in some way.

Hey, I donít know if youíve been to Mothership much, but Iíve been about three times in the last month or so. It is a great night! It is the best atmosphere of any of the mainstream clubs I have been to lately. Its totally different to your Toga, Q Bar, etc... The combo of the live stuff, and Peril & Rudeboy is certainly different to any other club in Melbourne Iíve been to.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Might see you at Seven!

Catchya, Brad

I think you are correct on all fronts, but confirmation is hard to find. I will have the info soon. The owners of ĎToga and Redhead were one and the same as far as I know. The management was seperate, though, and there was talk of a merger many months ago.
I havenít been to Mothership for about a year, but I remember it much as you described it. I could not get over how polite the crowd was.
- Max

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I love Email

Hi Max,

I love receiving your monthly Email-out. It contains so much great information about what is going on in nightclubs. It complements your awesome site very nicely. Thankfully, you do not send stuff too often, and do not seem to sell your lists.

I also love the new goss page. It really tells people where the places to be are.


Thanks Susie. I love receiving such complementary letters. As you say, the Email-out is only monthly, and I do not sell the lists. MAX's lists are MAX's alone. As for the Goss Page, it is designed to help word of mouth circulate. I just hope people use it.- Max

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Smoke free works in U.S.

Hi Max Moose,

I have just moved to America (by the way all the cliches are true - violence, exaggerated prices and loud obnoxious people doing the things that happen Ďonly in Americaí). I noticed all the questions about banning smoking in clubs. I live in California and smoking is banned in all restaurants, bars and nightclubs here. It hasnít effected the amount of people going to the clubs, but the stench of the spilt beer, vomit and that feet smell you always get in nightclubs is no longer hidden by the smell of smoke. Personally I prefer the smoke. You can find bars that will secretly allow smoking and most places have like a beer garden or an area outside to smoke in.


Going into clubs midweek is always a smell sensation. However, it is only a problem in clubs with carpet. The Redhead had a tiled concrete floor, so there was no stale smell. It can definitely work.- Max

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Old Letters

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Too harsh

Hi Max,

Just thought that Iíd make you aware that your web site has made a lot of musos pretty shitty as your reviews have been quite harsh considering youíre not in the industry at that level yourself. You may want to make an effort to rectify this as itís always best to have the bands and the pubs on your side. A number of people in the entertainment industry have mentioned that they are not wanting to support your site because of what they have heard of your reviews. Personally, I think itís a great idea but you may want to review more of the positive side than the negative and keep these people on your side. You could help each other. Just a suggestion. This advice has been forwarded for the best interests of all please do not take any offence by it.

Sara Stanton

I cannot say nice things about everybody, because not everybody is good, or as good as they like to think they are. To remain credible, I have to call it as I see it, so cannot say harsher or easier things than I believe.

In terms of my experience, I have been recommending cover bands to the top venues for about three years now, so if bands want to claim I am in no position to judge them, they are wrong. I have advised venues to change bands at different stages, which explains some of the animosity. The venues ask me for specific advice and reviews when they are changing bands, because they know they will get an accurate marketing view of the bands. I have not had a complaint from a venue as yet.

However, a couple of bands did complain. At their request, I reassessed all the reviews, and a couple were too harsh, if you misunderstood a meaning or two. That is why I updated the reviews, and most of the bands were happy with the changes. I daresay that the bands and venues you mention would not get involved anyway.

If you really disagree with my views, I sincerely encourage you to send in your own. I will publish them, just as long as they are accurate.
- Max

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Voodoos online

Hi Max,

You might want to have a look at the Voodoo Surfgods new website It's looking pretty good and is updated on a regular basis. It tells of all gigs and special events, history, FAQs, personal info and much more. Definitely worth a gander!

Sara Stanton

At the moment, I do not offer links to cover band sites, but given that more and more bands have them, I am thinking about it. I will definitely take a look at their site, and keep it in mind for a link. - Max

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Too easy

Howdy Max,

Cool site, but your reviews are too nice. I could not find a vicious nightclub review, and only one hard band review. You should be more critical of some nights, escpecially the techno nights. The mooses rock, especially that spinning one. - Bill

You cannot please everyone. I try to write reviews with a positive angle, because I figure that someone out there will like the night or the band in question. I do get a few complaints that reviews are too harsh, so I must be close to the right balance. If you disagree with my views, please submit a review. - Max

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A Screwdriver Fan

Hi there :),

On June 2nd, Screwdriver will play their last gig at the Mitcham Hotel. On the following Fridays, they will resume their post at "The Barrel Bar', Maroondah Highway, Croydon.

I also am the Webmaster for the one and only Screwdriver Website. I am currently working on the site, hoping to have some Real Audio on the page soon. A bio and more photos shall be also up soon.

Screwdriver fan for 5 years, - Emma Williamson :)

Thanks Emma - Max

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More Twister please

Hi Moose,

You have a fantastic site. I found it very entertaining with the funny stories. Apart from that Twister nightclub would be good to find out a little more on.

Keep up the great work, - Tam :)

Hi Tam,
Thanks for the feedback. I would love to do something on Twister, and get plenty of requests for it. However, whilst it is on my list of places to visit, it could take some time for me to get there. I would love it if you could drop a review or something about it. There is a link to their site on the links page.
See ya
- Max

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Relocation of Redhead

Gíday Moose,

Love the site. Just wondering if you could look into an update on the Rehead situation. I was a Redhead devotee, and Iíve struggled to find somewhere to replace it. The variety of rooms, music, atmosphereís and people was unbeatable. Have you heard anything about this new purpose built venue?

At first I thought they were going to re-vamp Ďtoga, although Ďtoga has extended into the site next door, they seem to use that as a function room a fair bit. Just thought Iíd see if youíd heard any news?

Brad Floyd

Thanks. I am still working on that update, but unfortunately most of my reliable Redhead sources have vanished (with the club). I know there was some talk about places near the War memorial. In terms of a replacement, there are very few multiple room venues around, so you need to look for something close to your favourite room on your favourite night. ETD @ Chasers with house/techno downstairs, R&B upstairs, with a good type of crowd is close.
- Max

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MAX needs techno

Hey MAX,

I would just like to say that your website is great. However I donít see any news on the Dome Nightclub, or Virgin Maryís. The Dome as you may already know, starts to kick of about 2am Ďtil close, and the music is rocking. Great atmosphere, people and music. Then most carry on to VMís for recovery.

I am a regular at both clubs. I would love to see a write up or info on these clubs. If you would like my assistance in anyway, please Email me.

Keep up your good work MAXMOOSE!!!!!

Regards, The ĎDiVaí

P.S Keep on rocking!!!!!!

Yeah, I would like to cover them, but can only get to so many clubs each night. The other problem I have, is that I am not an expert on the House/Techno music scene. It is better for someone who knows their stuff well to write a review.
I would love to see a write up of the clubs too. If you could write a review, that would be awesome. Before I publish a review, the club has to see it, so keep it friendly. Often the clubs will help out once they read a nice review of their nights.
- Max

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Chasersí door policy 2

Hi there Max,

Just wondering why itís sooooooo damned hard to get into Chasers (anynight) if your a male (not a member) and without a girl? Iíve always been accepted at HEAT and they have way higher dress code standards than CHASERS! I was just wondering if you could get through to them Iíve tried via there website but they do not reply.

Sincerely, John Marrone.

Please read the response below.- Max

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Chasersí door policy

Hey MAX,

First this is a great website keep it up.

I am writing to you about Chasers and how disappointing it is to see so many guys getting refused entry. I know Chasers has the right to refuse entry, but it seems you line up for so long and if youíre not on a guest list or you donít know the bouncer you donít have much chance of getting in.

A disappointed clubber, who was lucky to get into Chasers.

I hate getting involved in things like this, because there could be so many reasons why. Without being there, neither they nor I can answer that. Given the success of some of their nights, they may well be full, and only accepting members. Chasers also has a different attitude to Heat, who only decide by dress.
Good luck
- Max

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Heat passes returned

Hi Max,

Well, well, well, it seems that MAX MOOSE has quite a reputation amongst the HEAT hierarchy. Ever since you published that letter I typed regarding the jibby HEAT (Sunday night) passes - HEAT has gone back to printing the normal pay only $5 passes. Cool. Just wanna say thanks, you made this clubberís day - err night. :-)

Sincerly John Marrone. :-)

Thanks John, but you wrote the letter. That is why this site is developing the reputation it is. You make this site good by telling me whatís going on. That is why it is relatively up to date and influential (the smart clubs read this site first).
- Max

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Heat passes

Hi Max,

Just wondering why the very successful HEAT nightclub in CROWN now has different passes. The new passes have to be stamped four times before you get into HEAT for free, a fifth time. The previous passes were way better because you paid 5 bucks instead of the usual 10 and that was that. Now HEAT is making heaps more (you can do the math yourself), WHY, pray tell WHY?

Sincerely John.

P.S. Is it possible to get the old passes on the net somewhere?

Sincerly again. John.

I think we all know the reason why - more $$$$$. There is also the whole marketing concept of perceived value and encouraging return patrons. Unfortunately Heat passes are not available anywhere on the net - yet.
Later - Max
P.S. Read the next letter too...

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Melbourne is wild: Croweaters


Weíre two sexy chicks from Adelaide and we just wanted to say how wild Melbourne is! ďHeatĒ is indescribable and we will definitely be returning soon. See all you Melbourners next year!

Ciao! - (Ida Capozzi)

I should make reference to Adelaideís nightlife...
- Max

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Hallam a Crazy Haus

Dear Maxy Baby,

Just writing in regards to Crazy Haus and their move to Hallam, I think it is fantastic move. Besides that, I think your site should expand and have more info about coverbands for their devoted fans out there!

Love a devoted fan

J & N

I couldnít agree more with everything you say. Iíd love to know what else you would like on cover bands, and would love to publish reviews more reader reviews. Crazy Haus review now on-line.
- Max

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Time warping

Hi Max,

Did anybody else notice that all the DJs at the weekend played heaps of songs from a couple of years ago? Everywhere I went I heard songs from 1996.


Definitely noticed that myself too. The South Park episode with the guy from 1996 was on recently. At least the DJs I heard avoided ďThe SignĒ by Ace of Bass. I actually didnít mind the flashback to the sounds of my Metro era.
- Max

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Storm turns into Liquid


Got a story for ya. Storm club - closed - license probs. Reopens in a week or two as a Saloon Bar. Howís that for original.

Cya, - Mighty Mal

You are a good source - a bit of an oracle! Yes, it opens April 1st and will be called Liquid, a very smooth name. It will be a renovated club, with a saloon bar. Very similar line-up to Storm, but they have scooped the Surf Gods on Thursdays, following their departure from the Hallam. Blind Mice and Slumberyard complete the weekend. DJ Lee Davies will play in the nightclub room. STOP PRESS - Launch delayed one week.
- Max

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Lucy & Kiss FM


I'm writing to you to ask for some help !!! I'm currently a student at Deakin Uni. I need to do an assignment for my PR Management subject, and I have chosen to do a PR Plan for Kiss 90 FM. So if you have any information at all about KISS FM I would be very grateful if you would e-mail it to me.

Thanks, - Lucy

I don't have much for you Lucy, but maybe some readers can help you out. Please send any ideas to me to pass on...
- Max

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Surf Gods leaving Hallam?

Yo Maxy,

Thereís a rumour that the Surf Gods are leaving the Hallam on Thursdays. Whatís the deal?

Matt S

Yeah, theyíre gone; Crazy Haus are taking over. Basically they had been there long enough, and the Hallam wanted a change. Itís been a very long reign for the Surf Gods at one of the biggest Thursdays in town, but the feeling was that it has been too long, and something fresh was needed. Being my most regular spot on Thursday, I like the idea of a fresh band. The Surf Gods, are moving down the road to Liquid
- Max

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Non-smoking rules


How cool is that non-smoking club? I could breathe real air in a club! My clothes didnít stink, my eyes didnít water, you could smell perfume, and I swear the beer tasted better. To top it all off, the music was good, and I had a great night. It rocks!



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Non-smoking - way to go

Dear Editor,

You cannot understand just how awesome it is to have a non-smoking club. Finally, girls with long hair, like myself, donít have to wash our hair when we get home. There is nothing worse than having smokey hair in your face whilst you sleep. Congratulations to the Domain Club!


I agree completely. Your clothes donít stink either, and perfumes and aftershaves are not wasted either. Of course you also avoid passive smoking.
- Max

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Non-smoking club


Have you heard anything about the Domain Club? It is supposed to be a non-smoking nightclub.


Yeah, had to do a bit of research on that one, Kim. The rumours are right (non-smokers are rejoicing), Melbourne finally has a non-smoking club. Check-out the feature for the full story.
- Max

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Rosieís rumours

Hi Max,

There is a rumour about that Rosieís is closing down. I heard something about a lease ending and the building being demolished for a new pub. Whatís the story?

Amy S

Not even close to the reality. Rosieís is about to be taken over by new managers, and undergo some changes to its layout and marketing. They have about three years on their current lease, so will be around for some time yet. Satudays there are running strongly, and Fridays are rebuilding. As for the new pub, that rumour has been around for about three years, and is no closer than it was then.
- Max

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More Redhead blues

Hey Max,

Better update your page considering that Redheads is closing for good in 5 weeks.



Yeah I know, it closes February 27th. See the feature for the story.
- Max

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Redhead blues

Hey Max!

Thereís a rumour around that The Redhead is closing down for good. Whatís the go?


Yeah Craig,
Bad news. It closes February 27th. See the feature for the story.
- Max

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Merry Christmas


A fantastic Christmas greetings and major New Years to you too!!

Thanks for the impressive card, on the even more impressive site.



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