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Like a rumour mill
This page has become less active since the success of Club Goss. However, it still tells you what is happening, so take a look, and tell us what is going on out there, so we can tell the world...


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Paul Mac at the Hallam

Tonight sees the Hallam Hotel reopen Shed 7 on a Thursday night, with BOOTY BAR. DJ Paul Mac and guests spin out the coolest RnB, Funk and HipHop from 10pm. With $1.50 pots. $3.50 spirits, $2 champagnes 8-11 and $3 Lemon Breezers all nite long it should be fun. - Ben, February 5th, 2002

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Beat the Clock at Silvers

Silvers launches Beat the Clock tonight (Thursday). It's a uni night with a twist.
The 1st 15 mins of each hour pots and basic spirits are free, 2nd 15 mins its $1 pots and $2 basics, last 1/2 hour is $1.50 pots and $3.50 basics. Look out!
DJs are Piero (ex Blush), Dave, Chris S, Tim G (Detour), & Dallas (Seven).
Sounds good to me! - Ben, January 31st, 2002

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Smoke free clubbing at last

At long last, non-smoking clubbers can rejoice, well a little anyway. Legislation inacted by the State Government today means that every nightclub and pub must have a smoke free area by September this year. The opposition supports the move.

This is a move we non-smokers have been waiting for, and this website's survey has made it clear over the years that people want non-smoking areas. Only nine months to go. - Ben, January 16th, 2002

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Brass Monkey Exclusive

MAX MOOSE has the inside word on the much anticipated Brass Monkey. Take a look. - Ben, January 15th, 2002

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Surf Gods back at the Hallam

After five years or so, 21/20 has moved on from the Hallam on a Saturday to be replaced by the Voodoo Surf Gods. The Surf Gods have had a long and strong history with the Hallam, and a lot of people are keen to see them return. - Ben, January 13th, 2002

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