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MAX MOOSE May Update - Your view on Melbourne's Nightclubs, Pubs & Coverbands

MOOSE Party II * Brass Monkey * Queens Birthday * Hot Spots * Karaoke * Photos * Great Links

Hey there,

June is almost upon us, which means that study is on the minds of many. However, the party that is Melbourne continues for everybody else, and it only gets bigger later in the month...


The first MAX MOOSE Party was so enormous that we are doing it again! The next one will be a post-exam party Thursday June 27th at a venue to be announced. Mark it in the diary so you can make it there for many FREE DRINKS!

For more details, stay tuned to MAX MOOSE.

Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey Without a doubt Brass Monkey is the most anticipated club launch since QBH. It finally opens over three big nights, June 20, 21 and 22, at Westfield Fountain Gate.

We were given a guided tour this week, and it looks magnificent! Four large, stylish rooms and a couple of smaller ones give the venue plenty of flexibility, and a capacity of about 1,700 (ie BIG). We will try to do another tour closer to opening and show you the pics.

Each night will have a different feel to it, and it ought to provide the excitement the industry needs right now. We certainly can't wait for our new party playground to open, but it will change the Hallam, so make the most of it over the next three weeks.

All the inside details on Brass Monkey can be found at MAX MOOSE.

Queens Birthday

The Queens Birthday holiday takes place Monday June 10, so Sunday June 9 is a big night out. Here are some early tips...
Take a look at all the club events on MAX MOOSE.

Other News

As always, there is lots of stuff going on. Here are some of the other lead stories on MAX MOOSE...
Hot Spots

What are the best nights around town? Here are a few suggestions...

Check them out at MAX.

and for the Karaoke fans: Sunday: East 93, Crown Legends Bar; Tuesday: Wild Bills; Wednesday: Kelly's; Thursday: Monkey Bar; Saturdays: Charltons

Photos Pages

Don't you guys just love the photos page? Check out who is going out where, and with whom. Have you seen your pic there? We have shots of many of Melbourne's top nights, venues, and bands. There is even video of a few bands, and pics of the Temptation Island Cast.

Visit MAX MOOSE for a look.


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Website of the Month:

La Sangria Bar website Fitzroy's La Sangria Bar is one of the newest sites online. This authentic Spanish club is very different to most venues around Melbourne. It offers a real taste of Spain. Visit the site today, but visit the venue on Saturday, or Friday to make the most of half price drinks for students and nurses.

Other Great Links - Your view on Melbourne's Nightclubs, Pubs & Coverbands. - Melbourne's most updated nightclub website. - Melbourne's number one party venue. - All the style and fun of Bobby's, online. - The internet home of Southland's Wild Bill's Saloon Bar. - A Fitzroy bar with a real taste of Spain. - Garry & Warren Smith Holden, Honda, H.S.V., Mazda and Suzuki dealers in Melbourne. - Homepage of the Portsea Surf Lifesaving Club. - Buy your favourite video for the same price as you normally rent it.

MAX MOOSE looks forward to your next visit. With over 1.8 million hits in 2001, thousands of Email subscribers, more than 350 pages of info, gossip groups, and more links than anyone, it really is your view of Melbourne's Nightclubs, Pubs and Coverbands.

Cya soon,

MAX MOOSE - Your view on Melbourne's Nightclubs, Pubs & Coverbands

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