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MAX MOOSE May Update - Your view on Melbourne's Nightclubs, Pubs & Coverbands

Nominate clubs for MAX MOOSE Awards * Interstate * Royal Riot * Queens Birthday


What is the best place to go out? We're gonna find out, whether you're from Melbourne or interstate. Melbournians can nominate clubs for the MAX MOOSE awards later in this Email. For interstaters, check out MAX for news closer to home...


You keep asking for it, so MAX is trialling an interstate section. It will start pretty slowly, but take a look at MAX MOOSE to see what we are doing. Alternatively, send a blank Email to the following addresses to join an Email forum:

Visit MAX MOOSE for the low-down.

Royal Riot

The Email-out went out last night, and the requests for more info flooded in. It is a boutique fashion party in the Melbourne Concert Hall. It features top DJs Grant Smilie, Dean Cherny, Liz Miller, Kaz, George K, Peter MacNamara and John Course. It all starts at 11pm, and goes 'til 8am/ Glam is out, chic is in. Enquiries to 9533 6740 or you can book at Ticketmaster (13 61 66).

Queens Birthday Eve (Sunday 10/6)

Always a big weekend, especially if you are not studying for Exams. Acts are being confirmed for the Sunday night, which includes the Royal Riot event at M.C.H., whilst the Flaming Moes are at the Hallam (just for an extreme comparison).

Visit MAX MOOSE for more details as they come to hand.

Other News

There is goss every day at MAX. Bourbon Street, Highpoint L1, looks like officially opening Queens Birthday weekend. The end of Blush at Silvers was huge, as the Lost Boys move on to other things. The 21st looks and feels awesome following its facelift.

Visit MAX MOOSE for the word.


You asked for it! Let's determine what the best night out in Melbourne really is. We're calling for nominations in the following categories...
(If you are nominating a night, please write it like: Hip, Mondays @ Bobby McGees (name, night @ venue))

Best Venue: Best Night:
Best New Venue: Best New Night:
Best Suburban Venue: Classiest Night:
Best Pub: Best House Music Night:
Best Venue Website: Best Alternative Night:
Best DJ: Best RnB Night:
Best Coverband: Best Mainstream Night:
Best New Coverband: Best Techno Night:
Best Coverband Website: Best Retro Night:
Best Bartender: Best Uni Night:
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MAX MOOSE - Your view on Melbourne's Nightclubs, Pubs & Coverbands

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