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MAX MOOSE April Update - Your view on Melbourne's Nightclubs, Pubs & Coverbands

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Hey there,

Easter was a massive weekend for clubs, but it isn't about to stop. There is heaps going on around the club scene at the moment...

Big Events

The big events around Melbourne clubs just keep coming: Visit MAX MOOSE for the low-down.


It is ANZAC Day Eve tonight, so many clubs are having a big one, including: Check the MAX MOOSE Egroup for the details.


We have redesigned our reviews page to make it even easier for you to find your perfect night out. We have also seen a huge increase in the number of reviews, meaning all the major nights in Melbourne are covered. If it is not reviewed on MAX MOOSE, it is not worth visiting.

However, we still want even more reviews. If you can spare a minute or two, please visit and add a review of your favourite night.


This is our Nightclub chat group based on Email. Members send to one address and the whole group receives the message. Members automatically receive all MAX MOOSE Club Goss entries, nightclub press releases, special passes, details of special events, and more. Join today @ MAX MOOSE, or send an Email to:

Coming Soon

If Goss, Egroups, Reviews, Profiles, Coverbands, Club Search, Headlines, Email-outs, Features, Guestlists, Printable Passes, Links, and fun stuff is not enough for you, MAX MOOSE is soon to include: Stay tuned for more details

Other Great Links - Your view on Melbourne's Nightclubs, Pubs & Coverbands. - NEW internet home of Southland's Wild Bill's Saloon Bar. - Melbourne's number one party venue. - Garry & Warren Smith Holden, Honda, H.S.V., Mazda and Suzuki dealers in Melbourne. - Homepage of the Portsea Surf Lifesaving Club. - Buy your favourite video for the same price as you normally rent it. - Victorian Young Libs, Want to meet people, without the smoke and sleaze? Here's the party.

MAX MOOSE looks forward to your next visit. With over 1,000,000 hits in 2000, thousands of Email subscribers, more than 300 pages of info, gossip groups, and more links than anyone, it really is your view of Melbourne's Nightclubs, Pubs and Coverbands.


MAX MOOSE - Your view on Melbourne's Nightclubs, Pubs & Coverbands

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