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Max hates smoke

The Domain Club goes smoke free

by Ben Clissold

Fantastic news for the non-smokers of the nightclub world. The Domain Club, a brassiery that operates as a nightclub on Fridays, will be Melbourne’s first smoke free club inside. This represents a huge break-through. No longer will we have to put up with the stench of smoke in our clothes, hair and lungs.

Despite the fact that 75% of clubbers are non-smokers, this is a courageous decision, and one that deserves our support. The survey you may have filled in when you entered this site has revealed a convincing yes vote for banning smoking, but we must visit The Domain Club, to ensure that it works. The reason for this, is that despite your support, if you do not go, it will not work. If it does not work, it will be years before it happens again.

However, if we do support it by going this Friday, and every Friday, other clubs will notice, and more will be tempted to follow suit. That is not to mention the benefits to be gained by visiting the Domain Club. Imagine, a night without smoke. No hassles for asthmatics, your hair and clothes will not stink, your lungs will not rot as quickly, and you will not be burnt by hot (cigarette) butts on the dancefloor, just to name a few.

It all starts 8pm, Friday, February 26th at the Domain Club. It is on the corner of StKilda and Albert Roads, South Melbourne, and can be contacted on 9820 5237. It has a two rooms and a terrace outside. The main room features DJ André Jones (Redhead, Casey’s, Metro), playing groove and dance, and the chill-out lounge upstairs has snacks. For the opening, entry is free, and drinks are half price. There is also a fair chance that you might bump into the odd AFL celebrity.

Congratulations to the Domain Club for their courage, and for doing the right thing. Now it is up to us to make it work. I hope to see you Friday.

The Domain Club
Corner of StKilda and Albert Roads
South Melbourne
9820 5237

P.S. Please E-mail anybody who might be interested in the venue or this site.

Why a nightclub should ban smoking

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